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Pesepay Part One - A look through


The world has become digital and upon realizing this many businesses are getting online. There are many opportunities waiting on the web for businesses and individuals.

For starters getting online gives you access to both the local and intenational audience. This wider audience can convert into long-life customers that brings in income for your business or venture. Money is the blood of the business and one of the questions that business owners ask themselves once they get online is:

How do I get paid online?

I will answer that question through a series...

Enter Pesepay

Pesepay is a payment gateway that helps businesses in Africa get paid by anyone, anywhere in the world. Pesepay offers online payments, recurring payments, bill payments and invoicing solutions.

If you are wondering whats a payment gateway its just a network that allows your customers to transfer funds to you.

Before you use a payment gateway, you have to register an account with it....just like in a bank. You cant just start depositing or recieving money.

Registering on PesePay

Inorder to register click this link

Step 1: Enter your personal details

Register Step One

The first step is to enter you personal details and click NEXT

Step 2: Enter your security details

Register Step Two

The second one involves entering your security details. These details will likely be used when you lose access to your account.

Step 3: Review your details

Register Step Three

Confirm if your details are correct

Step 4: Confirm your email

Register Step Four

Check your email and confirm

Now that your account is setup, need to login and have a look at your dashboard. You begin in test mode, Please dont share your keys with everyone

Register Step Final

You have come to the end of this tutorial.

Stay tuned for the next one......